The Opportunity for Chinese and Indian Brands in the USA

“The Opportunity for Chinese and Indian Brands in the USA” provides new insight into the potential future success of Chinese and Indian brands in the US automotive market. AutoPacific’s Research Suite database reveals insights into the willingness of Americans to consider cars and trucks coming from China and India. The study identifies who these brand considerers are and what they’re looking for in their next car or truck.

Nearly 15% of new car and light truck buyers will consider a Chinese brand and 11% an Indian brand for their next vehicle? Young, affluent, educated and ethnically diverse, understanding who these highly desirable prospective buyers are and what they want in a vehicle is key. “The Opportunity for Chinese and Indian brands in the USA” tells all.

The China-India brand consideration study includes responses from:
- 4,800 Chinese brand considerers
- 3,600 Indian brand considerers

Study Contents:
- Executive summary and background
- Consideration of brands by origin
- Demographic profiles
- Vehicles uses
- Technology ownership
- Personal activities
- Consumer brands used/purchased
- Product feature importance – top 12
- Factors important in purchase
- Future brand and segment consideration
- Future powertrain preferences

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