Consumer Brand Study


A Look at Auto Buyer Behavior Relative to Popular Consumer Brands

AutoPacific collects data about auto consumers’ shopping habits relative to popular non-automotive consumer brands. The Consumer Brand Study explores the relationships existing between new vehicle buyers and twenty-eight consumer brands. This exploration gives insight not only into who is buying the consumer brands, but what is important to them, what other brands are cross-shopped and how it all plays into their automotive brand preferences. 

You won’t find a Porsche parked in front of a Walmart. A Generation Y new vehicle buyer is much more likely to order a venti mocha latte from Starbucks. A GenX new vehicle buyer is more likely to have an Apple product – computer, iPod, iPhone. Old money new vehicle buyers – the Established Elite – are much more likely to shop at a Costco and drive a Buick. New money buyers are much more likely to drive a Porsche or Jaguar and buy Hugo Boss and Louis Vuitton. Shoppers at H&M – a trendy clothier – are much more into image at a value price. Trader Joe’s customers are more likely to drive an Audi, Saab or Volvo.

Study Contents
- Introduction and Methodology
- Consumer Brand Profiles (28 brands)
- Consumer Brands and Generations
- Consumer Brands and Psychographics
- Vehicle Attribute Importance
- Consumer Brand Cross-shop Patterns
- Auto Brand Consideration

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