Gen Y

Generation Y Study

Though the youngest are still in High School, all of Generation Y is now of legal driving age. Gen Y spans a large segment of consumers that includes high school students, college students, career starters, young married couples, and young families. As Gen Y continues to mature, their penetration of the new car market will be instrumental in shaping the products available in the future.

AutoPacific’s 10th comprehensive study of the youngest automotive buying segment is designed to help designers, product planners, market researchers, innovators and marketers completely understand the Gen Y new vehicle customer and market dynamics. The Research Suite mail/Internet survey and multiple secondary research sources fuel the report and conclusions concerning Gen Y new vehicle owners and prospective owners.

Unique to AutoPacific’s research is the ability to determine what Gen Y wants from their future cars, including size, engine, transmission and attributes like entertainment features, luxury features, in-vehicle communications and comfort features.

Methodology and Sample
- Annual national survey of new vehicle acquirers
- Total sample: 42,000
- Generation Y owners: 3,312 

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