Green Cars

Green Cars and Consumers

Consumer Preferences and Planning for a Changing Market

The first decade of the 21st Century has seen more emphasis on alternative fuel powertrains than since the birth of the auto industry. The next decade promises to see continual aggressive powertrain development as consumers demand more fuel efficiency and the American government tightens CAFE regulations. 

AutoPacific's study, Green Cars and Consumers, Planning for a Changing Market, shows that while consideration for alternative fueled vehicles is on the rise, it is often driven by economic forces, rather than consumer desire to help the planet. 

Going green will not be a walk in the park. Hybrid considerers are 10 percentage points more likely than gasoline considerers to agree with the statement, “I am prepared to pay a higher price for an environmentally friendly vehicle.” However, they plan to pay about $2,000 less on their next vehicle than gasoline considerers. This is also true for plug-in hybrid and pure electric considerers. 

The result of surveys of more than 32,000 consumers, Green Cars and Consumers, Planning for a Changing Market, covers both owners and considerers of gas, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, pure electric and clean diesel light vehicles. Consumers are examined based on many attributes including demographics, psychographics, regular activities, consumer brands purchased, next vehicle segment intention, future brand consideration, next vehicle feature demand, and shopping influencers.

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