Small Cars in the USA

Small Cars in the USA: Planning for the Coming Boom

Automotive manufacturers in the USA have recently introduced several small cars in response to demand for better fuel economy and environmentally-friendly vehicles. In fact, AutoPacific forecasts a boom in small cars in the coming years, with even more new nameplates, sales volume doubling and possible growth to 5% share of the light vehicle market.

AutoPacific’s study, “Small Cars in the USA: Planning for the Coming Boom,” is based on the results of our 2009 New Vehicle Satisfaction Survey of new vehicle acquirers. The study looks closely at recent buyers of new small and mid-size cars plus people who will consider a compact car the next time they buy. Find out who’s in the market for a small car, what they want, and what tomorrow’s successful compact car needs to be.

Unique to AutoPacific’s research is the ability to determine what small car buyers want from their future cars, including size, engine, transmission and attributes like entertainment features, luxury features, in-vehicle communications and comfort and convenience features. 

The Small Car Study contains responses from nearly 900 B-segment owners and over 3,500 compact car considerers.

Study Contents:
  • Background – Why Care about B-Segment Cars?
  • Basic Product Preferences
  • Demographic Profiles
  • Vehicle Uses, Personal Activities and Technology
  • Views on Vehicles and Driving
  • Consumer Brands Used
  • Product Feature/Attribute Importance and Satisfaction
  • Changes Wanted in Vehicle
  • Image of Present Vehicle
  • Aspects of Purchase Process
  • Future Brand and Segment Consideration
  • Future Attribute Demand
  • Changes Wanted by B-Segment Owners  
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