Syndicated Research

Syndicated Research

AutoPacific has been conducting an annual survey of new vehicle owners since 1994. In addition, we have conducted various other syndicated studies aimed at gaining information that helps our clients fully understand automotive consumers and plan for the future. AutoPacific's experience writing surveys that get the most useful information without leading the consumer makes our data extremely useful and valuable for our automotive clients.

New Vehicle Satisfaction Study

AutoPacific's annual, comprehensive survey of the new vehicle buyer.

  • Vehicle attribute importance and satisfaction
  • Vehicle use/applications
  • Shopping process
  • Personal activities and technology
  • Future brand and vehicle type consideration
  • Desired changes to current vehicle
  • Full psychographic battery
  • Designing your next vehicle (over 100 features surveyed)


Replacement Tire Buyer Dynamics and Satisfaction Study 

AutoPacific's survey of replacement tire buyers that focuses on brand awareness, image, satisfaction and buyer demographics.

  • Replacement tire brand
  • Vehicle make/model/mileage
  • Brand awareness/familiarity/perception
  • Shopping process
  • Dealership/store experience
  • Attribute importance/satisfaction
  • Replacement tire problems
  • Previous tires/future brand consideration
  • Demographics/psychographics/interests


Fuel Price Impact Study (FPIS) 

AutoPacific's bi-monthly study to track the impact of fluctuating fuel prices on consumers' driving and purchase behavior.

  • Tracking total U.S. sales & price of fuel
  • Fuel price impact on segment consideration
  • Fuel price impact on powertrain consideration
  • Future expected fuel price compared with present price paid
  • Driving behavior with fuel price paid