Industry Analysis

Since 1986, AutoPacific has provided clients with insight into the future of the automotive industry. 

AutoPacific provides forecasting to clients through two web-based services: The Competitive Battlegrounds and the U.S. Sales Forecast Service. A source for OEMs, suppliers, and agencies worldwide, both services are web-based and delivered to clients through Vehicle data can be studied either by manufacturer or segment. Custom, client-defined segments can also be created.

Competitive Battlegrounds

Competitive Battlegrounds are in-depth analytical cycle plans for vehicles in North America. Everything you need to know about the light vehicle market, including the past and the future, right at your fingertips. Who’s coming and going? What segments are growing or shrinking? Who’s adding a diesel, a hybrid, V6 or V8? And, what do our analysts have to say about it? The Battleground also includes Owner Insights from our syndicated research database.

Competitive Battlegrounds are continuously updated providing our clients with the most up-to-date and accurate information available.

  • Segment, make and model level information and analysis
  • 5-year cycle plans with real-time download capability
  • Vehicle specifications
  • Press releases
  • Robust photo library for each vehicle (past, present and future)
  • Displayed in either metric or English
  • Confidential note boxes for shared comments
  • Analyst commentary (comprehensive)
  • Owner insights from AutoPacific’s Research Suite database
  • User-friendly navigation between manufacturer and segment
  • Continuously updated
  • Printer-friendly pages
  • Custom segmentation
  • Includes AutoPacific's exclusive Rumor Roundup issued monthly

Sales Forecast Service

The U.S. Sales Forecast is a 5-year forecast of the U.S. light vehicle market and includes a forecast of Alternative Powertrain sales broken down by powertrain segment. AutoPacific’s Sales Forecast Service is a highly regarded, accurate prediction of future vehicle sales and segment movement. Displayed in both numerical and graphical charts, clients can quickly examine sales trends, market share and predicted performance.


  • 5-year forecast of U.S. light vehicle sales at the segment, make, model and BODYSTYLE level
  • Forecasts updated and distributed quarterly
  • Graphical and numerical data representation
  • Industry totals and percent market share displayed on all screens
  • Historical sales data back to 1987 (includes discontinued models)
  • Integrated 5-year Alternative Fuels forecast
  • Custom segment creation capability
  • Unmatched accuracy